Photos: Il Mondo Vecchio loaded its last stock on Friday

All photos by Kalen Deremo.
On Friday, Il Mondo Vecchio sold its final sausages. Since opening in 2009, the salumeria has garnered all kinds of praise for its cured meats, but in August the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it had a beef with the business's salmonella testing procedures and issued an ultimatum that co-founder Mark DeNittis declined to, meet.

DeNittis says he decided to cease operation rather than compromise the quality of his product. Continue reading for a look at Il Mondo Vecchio's last day.

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"It's been amazing," DeNittis told us when we found him on the loading dock last Friday. "We appreciate and are grateful for all the customers -- both old and new faces alike."

Although the Il Mondo Vecchio chapter of his life may be ending, DeNittis said he has "several things in the works right now both as it relates to this and a modified version of this, as well as getting back firmly into the education sector." Before opening Il Mondo Vecchio, DeNittis had taught at Johnson & Wales for close to a decade.






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