McDonald's new CBO sandwiches are too saucy and salty -- but load up on holiday pies

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J. Wohletz
The glorious McHoliday pie!
Then the thirst set in. I slammed ice water for a couple of hours to combat the dehydration, and I was glad as hell that I hadn't eaten more than a few bites of each sandwich.

But the pies were a keen reward for sacrificing my stable blood pressure. McDonald's holiday pies are a bit of a fluke -- traditionally speaking, I would expect them to be eggnog-flavored or some crushed peppermint stick monstrosity, but these have confetti candy-strewn sugar cookie crusts filled with a vanilla pudding substance, seemingly more suited for Easter or spring equinox.

And they are scrumptious: They taste like dipping a sugar cookie in pudding. I did order six of them, eating three right away and saving three for a later plan.

I did a nutritional information check on the CBOs when I got home, and the Angus CBO burger I'd nibbled at had 1830 milligrams of that one burger. I wondered how much of the salt content was in the sauce, and then went back and checked to make sure none of the sauce had dripped on my floor and burned its way through the carpet like the acid blood from Alien.

Kill the urge to order the CBO sandwiches and plan to keep living -- if for no other reason than ordering holiday pies.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I bought a CBO burger last week at the McD's on Evans and Colorado Blvd and had no problems with extra sauciness and saltiness.  The McRib is supposed to return in late December into January because McD's wants to boost its Q4 sales this year because their Q4 sales were crappy last year due to the screwy winter. McRibs were supposed to have been sold 10/22/12 through 11/11/12.  Also, McD's is supposed to introduce "Fish McBites" in February 2013.

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