Tarboosh opening in Aurora

Lori Midson

Middle Eastern restaurants are nothing new in Denver. A trek down Colorado Boulevard teases with a multitude of small, family-run Mid-East feast houses tucked into strip malls; the asphalt that's Colfax pimps a few, too; and Aurora, where international restaurants dot the corners of every block, has its share of Mid-East joints and markets.

Lori Midson
And within the next month or so, that city will have one more: Tarboosh, located at 2353 South Havana, occupies a plot in the same strip mall that also houses Kim Ba, and judging from the construction that was taking place last week -- a build-out that includes a bakery oven -- it appears that it'll open before Christmas.

The name refers to a tasseled cap of cloth or felt, usually red, that's worn by Muslim men, and a quick Google search reveals that there are existing restaurants with the same name -- and mustached logo -- in Houston, Texas and Redwood City, California, both of which are billed as Lebanese.

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Tarboosh Restaurant

2353 S. Havana St., Aurora, CO

Category: Restaurant

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