Reader: I love Thanksgiving sandwiches, but hold the stuffing

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which 'wich
Thanksgiving is not over -- at least, not at Denver delis that serve sandwiches featuring all the trimmings of the traditional meal a combo traditionally known as the Pilgrim. While some people are still demolishing the remains of their own meals -- "Why would I go out for a Thanksgiving sandwich made from leftovers when I have enough leftovers here at home to choke a horse?" asks steveville -- others are giving thanks for delis that celebrate Thanksgiving foods.

When the sandwiches are done correctly, of course.

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Says Jeff:

I think putting stuffing on bread is crazy. I love the combo of roasted turkey, whole cranberry sauce, and some kind of gooey cheese (cambozola or brie for me) on a sandwich, though. Preferably with a little arugula and some sliced apple or pear.

They aren't delis, but there are at least two other joints in town that keep Thanksgivingish sandwiches as part of their regular menus. Racines has turkey, cranberry, gouda, and mayo on a croissant; Punch Bowl Social has turkey, cranberry, roast pumpkin puree, and goat cheese.

What's your favorite turkey sandwich in town? With or without stuffing?

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A Thanksgiving sandwich without the stuffing is not a Thanksgiving sandwich; it's a turkey sandwich with cranberries.  Stuffing is what makes it special.  Long live stuffing, in sandwich form and otherwise!

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