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There are a lot of ways to open a bottle of beer. There are keychains and iPod cases with bottle openers embedded in them. There are openers on flip-flops and baseball cap bills, wall-mounted openers, countertops, knives and even a beer bottle stick.

But a Denver photographer and part-time inventor, Mark Manger, says he's come up with a bottle opener that puts all of them to shame -- and with blinding speed.

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The GrOpener is an oddly-shaped piece of metal that fits around one finger and can be used to open a bottle quickly, with no spillage and without bending the cap (if that kind of thing is important to you) -- and all with just one hand, left of right.

"The idea for this project was born in Ghana where I was teaching art with the Peace Corps," writes Manger (a frequent contributor to Westword) on the Indiegogo page where he is already close to raising $4,000 to get his invention into production.

"Every bar had these cool, hand-made openers consisting of a piece of wood with a couple of screws stuck in it. The screws hooked under the cap and the cap was pried off as you press down on the was brilliant!"

Over time, Manger came up with a different configuration for the one-handed opener "until the form and balance worked with the motion of the hand," he explains.

Manger has already paid for part of the construction of the GrOpener (it will be be built in Utah and finished in Colorado), which will retail for $25 each. He sought out the rest on the Indiegogo crowdfunding web site and got to that level in just a few days; if he exceeds that total, he can keep the money and use it to develop packaging and a web site -- and produce more GrOpeners.

And the GrOpener isn't Manger's first invention. In 2007, he designed and launched another product, the Zoot Snoot, a Neoprene device used by flash photographers. (It is available at,, and

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whatsupwith: I appreciate your concern.  If you take a moment to look, you’ll notice that the GrOpener is uniquely configured to engage and remove a cap through the single motion of grabbing a bottle.  Since the proprietary period for the trait it shares with the other device ended decades ago, it is also legitimate to improve the utility and function of that trait.

My product is based and manufactured in Denver.  It genuinely needs support to get off the ground.



Looks like this already exists, is in stock, and sells for $25.  I hope I'm not the only person who sees that blatant copies of existing products makes up about 50% of indiegogo and kickstarter design projects nowadays.


There is also zero chance that he will get a patent for this, he should fire his patent agent.


Use your brains people, do a little research and support the projects that really need your money to get off the ground, not just knockoffs that need to make "minimum order".

Dan Goble
Dan Goble

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Awesome idea!!!! I would love to invest in this. Make a key chain size and I'll buy like 10.


 @whatsupwithcrowdfund is the kebo original? that video, he says he modelled it on an old bottle opener he found.  so who's copying? improve on the stuff that came before, that's how innovation happens.besides, I don't see the kebo opening a bottle like this one does.

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