TPS Report, Oh Face: Trinity Brewing bringing its funky beers to Denver

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Metro-area fans of Trinity Brewing will be making an Oh Face this month as the small Colorado Springs brewery begins distributing a few of its beers to a handful of craft beer-focused liquor stores in the area. Prior to that, bottles of TPS Report, Oh Face and other Trinity beers were only available at the brewery.

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Trinity is doing the distribution itself, but brewery owner Jason Yester says he's been approached by two statewide distributors and will be talking with them this month. But in order to meet their demands -- and those of drinkers in Colorado -- Trinity would have to undergo another expansion.

To do that, Yester says he would need to buy a small automated bottling machine that could package the beer in 375 ml bottles, as well as some large French oak foeders (oaken wine tanks) used for fermenting the beer.

"Our goal is to produce twelve to fourteen brands in bottles, including a 100 percent Bretta-fermented and Office Space-themed series consisting of four to five labels called 'Cases of the Mondays,'" he says.

But all of that depends on bank financing. "Until that move happens," he notes, "it's self-distribution of very limited allocations of 750 ml bottles and some draft to the best beer stores in Denver/Colorado Springs/Boulder/Fort Collins."

Earlier this year, Trinity expanded from a four-barrel brewing system to a twelve-barrel setup and added fermentation tanks as well.

The brewery specializes in a wide variety of Belgian-style saisons and wild ales brewed with brettanomyces yeast, although Yester brews many other styles as well, including the well-regarded Slap Your Mammy double IPA.

One of Trinity's staples, TPS Report, won a bronze medal this year at the Great American Beer Festival (it won a gold for the same beer in 2009). It's an experimental, Flanders-style sour flavored with tangerine and lemon zest. Like Oh Face, it's named in honor of the movie Office Space.

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I'm sure the beer's good but them label designs look like they were done by a high schooler with MS Paint.


Careful, taking themes/ideas from movies and using them for your beer might get you sued by some ahole doing the same thing!


Had both of those beers (Oh Face and TPS Report) at the GABF this year. Made the pilgrimage down to the Springs to get more of the TPS Report. Darn good beers too - so much flavor!


I have seen their beers in one Boulder store for a couple months now.

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