Reader: I love Trillium, but Gretchen is right about its flaws

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Mark Manger
Chef/owner Ryan Leinonen says that a rare flower, the blue trillium, was the inspiration for the restaurant that he opened last year in the Ballpark neighborhood, Trillium. But a flawless meal here is also a rare thing, as Gretchen Kurtz discovered when she reviewed the place this week.

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Says Arf_Arf

I love Trillium and have frequented it since it opened. I have to say that Gretchen has spotted the major flaws. The price point is a bit difficult to manage unless you're eating snacks at the bar, and service has gotten stuffy. There's been some turnover in staff since the restaurant opened, and the restaurant has lost some of the warm, welcoming atmosphere that made it such a great place in the first half of the year. I certainly hope Ryan reads the review and takes to heart the critiques it contains--improve on these minor points, and Trillium will continue to earn the accolades it's gotten so far. Ignore these points, and he might lose more customers to the atrocity next door (Ignite!).

Have you eaten at Trillium? What did you think? Post your thoughts below.

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2134 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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Trillium is where I had what is possibly the best piece of beef I've ever eaten Denver, not to mention one of the oddest tastes I've ever experienced (gorgonzola ice cream, I'm still not sure if I liked it or not).


But I haven't been back for the reasons stated in the review - I've mentioned the service issues I experienced without naming the restaurant in other comment threads and have already been taken to task for not throwing a hissyfit at the time, so no need to go over that again.


I would like to try more of their menu, but until I read they've straightened out their issues, I probably won't.


Needs better management!!   The two they have , need to remove the "stick". They are NOT Fruition.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

To Arf_Arf:


If Trillium has so many damn flaws, then why the hell do you keep "frequenting" the joint?


@steveville You are the most obnoxious, ignorant troll that has ever skulked the Cafe Society blog. You have no clue what you're talking about. Ever.


 @steveville Truffle Tater Tots.  Plus, they make a mean cocktail.  It's still the best place on the block, notwithstanding a few rough spots here and there.  I said I agreed with Gretchen's review; I certainly wasn't trying to say it's a lost cause.

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