Reader: Veggie Girl needs to "beef" it up!

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Latte with almond milk at Crema.
Every week, Amber Taufen serves up a heaping helping of healthy food in Veggie Girl. Yesterday, she focused on the vegetarian fare at Crema.

And while Crema's vegan lattes made with almond milk are certainly sweet, one reader thinks Veggie Girl needs to give spots serving vegan and veggie fare more of a grilling.

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Says jacleen:

In general, I think this blog needs to "beef" it up a bit. Meaning that I'm tired of reading about places that have awesome hummus or a great platter of assorted veggies. Have some guts and comment when a place only offers the standard veg appetizers that you can find at the Cheesecake Factory or a place charges $2 extra for a standard Garden burger. I want to read about how a bone and marrow place has a great mushroom poutine or about places that offer a vegetarian fixed price New Year's Eve dinner.

Ever thought of looking into which veggie burritos use truly vegetarian refried beans?

This blog is too 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' and needs to address the pros and cons of vegetarian food in Denver.

What places to you think Veggie Girl should look into? Post your thoughts below. And don't miss her piece from last year, on Little Anita's alleged vegetarian green chile that's actually made with animal stock.

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Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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