Photos: WaterCourse's harvest dinner was a decadent vegan/vegetarian delight

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watercourse small bite vegetarian.jpg
The vegetarian small bite was a mushroom pate served atop grilled foccacia with pickled Brussels sprout and a quail egg, adorned with a good balsamic vinegar. This was paired with an Airlie 7 white blend from 2009.

watercourse small bite vegan.jpg
The vegan version eliminated the quail egg, but was still delicious.

One of two entree options, as seen above, was a seared truffled potato "scallop" served with roasted carrots, squash demi, fava beans and mixed mushrooms, paired with an Illahe 2010 pinot noir (definitely the better wine of the two dinner options).

However, the second entree was tough to beat: an espresso-rubbed seitan cutlet with a pomegranate merlot reduction, caramelized rainbow carrots, herbed fingerling potatoes and puff pastry, paired with Revelry's '09 merlot. The seitan was made with cornmeal and tofu, which gave it an extra-meaty texture and flavor -- like a fine steak.

Dessert was an almond tuile with vegan marscapone and sauteed apples and figs, topped with a brandy fig sauce.

Kesley outdid herself with this meal. We can't wait to see what her next specialized menu will feature!

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WaterCourse Foods

837 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

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Mantonat topcommenter

 @jc00 Scientific studies have also shown that soy is one of the most damaging food sources out there, for the human body  as well as the environment. Soy is one of the top industrial crops and one of the top three GM crops in the world.


That menu looks great though!

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