Five restaurants that both opened and closed in 2012...and a bonus revival

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Club 404 issued last call in December 2011.
As the year draws to an end, Cafe Society is compiling our annual Restaurant Roll Call -- a compendium of all the restaurants that opened and closed in 2012. That very long list includes plenty of food for thought on the Denver dining scene.

And one category is particularly rare: Restaurants that opened and closed in 2012. Here's a sneak peak at the winners/losers:

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5) Atomic Tamale, 1450 Carr Street, Lakewood
Atomic Tamale gave it a good try, but the vegetarian/vegan Mexican-food spot that moved from Santa Fe Drive to Lakewood this year ran out of energy -- and cash -- and didn't resign its six-month lease. And that means no more free vegan menudo on Sunday morning.

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4) Denver Wheel Club 404, 404 Broadway (formerly Club 404)
We were sad to say so long to Club 404, Jerry Feld's spot that finally closed after sixty years. But the new concept moving in seemed promising: Denver Wheel Club 404, a place that would celebrate both the history of the address and Denver's love of bicycling, with the Denver Cruisers behind the wheel. But the building's owners put the brakes on that in November, sending the Cruisers packing (they took the Denver Wheel Club name with them) and selling the spot to Kevin Geraghty, who'll be turning it into a reincarnated Brendan's next month. In the meantime, the bar is pouring -- without a name.

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Stoney's Full Steam Tavern - CLOSED

1434 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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So the folks who own Stoney's, which was the former location of the second incarnation of Andrew's Pub, are the new owners of the Full Steam Tavern, located in the home of the original Andrew's Pub?  Wow, Denver really is a small town.

davebarnes topcommenter

Speaking of Daniel Kuhlman, I think that Tastes on Tennyson closed, opened, closed in 2012.

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