Five restaurants that both opened and closed in 2012...and a bonus revival

3) The Hive, 1109 Lincoln Street
The Hive wasn't buzzing for long. Six months after the club opened in the former home of Sutra, it was the site of a tragic shooting -- one of the audience members started harassing the DJ, was sent outside -- and killed the DJ's father. After police descended on the scene, the Hive never reopened. Instead, the folks who own Stoney's next door have taken on the space, and will transform it into a New Orleans-style restaurant and sports-bar, Krewe, this winter.

3 monkeys cantina image.jpg
2) 3 Monkeys Cantina, 1294 South Broadway
Bistro One was an ambitious concept, but it always struggled in its spot on South Broadway -- and the construction outside didn't help. After four years, owner Alex Waters finally closed the restaurant, then reopened the spot four weeks later as the casual 3 Monkeys Cantina. But 3 Monkeys lasted barely three months.

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Stoney's Full Steam Tavern - CLOSED

1434 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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So the folks who own Stoney's, which was the former location of the second incarnation of Andrew's Pub, are the new owners of the Full Steam Tavern, located in the home of the original Andrew's Pub?  Wow, Denver really is a small town.

davebarnes topcommenter

Speaking of Daniel Kuhlman, I think that Tastes on Tennyson closed, opened, closed in 2012.

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