Five restaurants that both opened and closed in 2012...and a bonus revival

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1) Roam, 1033 East 17th Avenue
At the start of the year, Wild Catch suddenly became Roam, to reflect the switch from the seafood that Justin Brunson had focused on to the meat and game that new chef Tony Clement favored. But a few months and an owner's temper tantrum later, Roam itself was dead meat.

And one ray of hope: A restaurant that opened, closed...and will reopen -- all in 2012.

Full Steam Tavern, 1434 Blake Street
Since the legendary City Spirit closed a decade ago, the storefront at 1434 Blake Street has gone through many incarnations, from Andrew's Pub & Lounge to Lure Lounge to SportsBook to Pre-Game Sports Bar to the Blake to Kraine Station, a Ukrainian restaurant that barely got out of the station before it closed in April. In September, the place reopened as Full Steam Tavern, which had barely picked up steam before it closed, too. But now the space has been taken over by the pros behind Stoney's, who will reopen it before the new year as Stoney's Full Steam Tavern.

Know of another restaurant in the metro area that both opened and closed this year? Post it in the comments section below.

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Stoney's Full Steam Tavern - CLOSED

1434 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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So the folks who own Stoney's, which was the former location of the second incarnation of Andrew's Pub, are the new owners of the Full Steam Tavern, located in the home of the original Andrew's Pub?  Wow, Denver really is a small town.

davebarnes topcommenter

Speaking of Daniel Kuhlman, I think that Tastes on Tennyson closed, opened, closed in 2012.

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