Reader: Brendan's should preserve the original Club 404 Lounge sign

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club 404 sign.jpg
The original Club 404 sign.
Last week the founders of Denver Cruisers revealed that they were out of Denver Wheel Club, the bar that opened last February in the former home of Club 404, the bar that Jerry Feld owned for sixty years before he sold it. And they were taking their Denver Wheel Club name with them.

But a new owner has already rolled into the space at 404 Broadway: It's Kevin Geraghty, who owned Brendan's Pub, and will be turning what's now known as the 404 into a new Brendan's next month, complete with cabaret music so it can feature live music. And in the meantime, the bar is pouring.

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Some readers think there's something Geraghty should keep -- beyond keeping the 404 Broadway address open.

Here's Mantonat's suggestion:

I really hope they keep the old Club 404 Lounge sign - even if they move it inside and put it on a wall.

And Denver Dave, who calls the Geraghty deal "good news," agrees:

They should preserve a sign that lasted 60 years somewhere.

Did you ever visit the original Brendan's? How do you think a reincarnation will fare on Broadway?

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Brendan's Pub

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