Bryan Dayton and Steve Redzikowski of Oak at Fourteenth are opening Acorn in Denver

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Lori Midson
Bryan Dayton and Steve Redzikowski will open Acorn in Denver next year.
Bryan Dayton and Steve Redzikowki, the team behind Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder, are opening a new restaurant in Denver next year. The two, who spent months rebuilding Oak after a devastating fire all but gutted the acclaimed restaurant in March of 2011, will open Acorn in The Source, a 26,000-square-foot indoor European market, developed by Kyle and Andra Zeppelin (the married couple behind the TAXI project) that's taking shape in an 1880s ironworks building in River North.

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"Acorn will feature cuisine that ties in the custom oak oven and grill with New American cuisine, which chef Redzikowski is known for at Oak," says Dayton, adding that he "plans to create a beverage list made up of uniquely crafted cocktails, as well as wines, beers and house-made sodas, that will complement a menu of shared plates and larger-format meals."

Interestingly, months ago, when I interviewed Kyle, he hinted that a concept closely resembling Oak at Fourteenth would occupy 3,000 square feet of the Source. It'll be a "beer-centric, refined-dining" restaurant, Kyle revealed, adding that it "will be along the lines of Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder and the Kitchen." And the cuisine, he noted, would be "modern American with a wood-fired oven."

Redzikowski and Dayton, a nationally renowned bartender and mixologist who last year was named GQ Bombay Sapphire's most inspired bartender in the country, will share space under the same roof with a second outpost of Comida Cantina, whose original location is in Longmont, as well as Crooked Stave, the local brewery acclaimed for its sour beers that's spearheaded by owner/brewer Chad Yakoboson, who will build a 5,0000-square-foot brewery and tasting room at the Source.

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3350 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

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I love the concept of the source and I sure hope they can succeed but that is a downright scary location for a business. Walking in that neighborhood is not an option. The homeless camps in that area are not going away anytime soon.

Union Station would have been a great location for something like The Source but our forward thinking politicians decided we needed another hotel.


Sounds awesome, can't wait to try it.


:no sarcasm: this is a brilliant addition to a brilliant concept.

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