Reader: Burnsley bar was built for marital infidelity

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If these stools could talk! The Burnsley Hotel closed yesterday, and with that closure Denver lost an elegant hotel dining room and a tucked-away bar that was many things for many people...

Including a great spot for an assignation.

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Says meanstreetsofsouthdenver:

If there were ever a bar built for marital infidelity, it was this one. And that's all I'm saying.

But others used the bar Says frazier:

Bummer. This was one of the few nice places in town with a laid-back atmosphere, good for a drink after work that turns into an evening out.

But let's think positive. What's another place like that, quiet enough to talk without the noisy DBs and the wall-to-wall sports TVs, where you can actually park? Suggestions welcome!

Bars where you can park and talk? Bars where you can talk and then park (or rent a room)? Post your suggestions below.

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The Burnsley Hotel - CLOSED

1000 Grant St., Denver, CO

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Laura Bond
Laura Bond

Damn. I'm not married but I feel like I missed an opportunity here....

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