Central Bistro & Bar: A taste of this week's review

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Mark Manger
Hot damn! Welcome to Central Bistro & Bar...
Interior designers are paid to think about color, and for good reason. Whether on walls, fabrics or furniture, colors impact how we feel and act, often without our knowing it. Yellow, the color of sunshine, makes people happy, whereas red, the color of stop signs and Xs on school papers, can trigger anxiety.

Perhaps that's why, in an experiment dubbed the "cocktail party study" a few years back by a science reporter for the New York Times, participants stayed longer in a blue room than a red one, and ate twice as much in an otherwise identical yellow room. If you've been to Central Bistro & Bar, one of many restaurants popping up in Lower Highland recently, you'll know the reason for this recap of color theory. If not, I'll fill you in: HOT....

Hungry to know more? Read the rest of the Central Bistro & Bar review here.

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Central Bistro & Bar

1691 Central St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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