Reader: Forget Jax -- what's the World of Beer?

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Jax is about to add a fourth location, in the new City Set development in Glendale, behind the Hilton Garden Inn at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Cherry Creek Drive -- an area definitely shy of good restaurant options. Jax isn't the only eatery going into the project: Udi's will have an outlet there, and there other other spaces available.

Some readers worry about parking at that location, another urges getting the downtown Jax's act together before opening another location. And yet another really studied that City Set map...

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And then, not surprisingly, Mantonat got to the heart of the matter:

I think the real story here is: what's that thing on the map labeled "World of Beer" and when will it open?

Is this portion of Denver/Glendale a vast wasteland for good food? How do you think Jax will do in this area? And what is World of Beer, anyway?

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Jax Fish House

650 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO

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Jax and Udi's are going to kill it.  An overpriced Outback concept touting beers from around the world is suspect at best (Bull & Bush is right up the street, so who's going to go???).

What I'd like to see is Mexican done correctly (not that shit excuse for food called Cafe Rio),like Chili Verde in the Highlands.  

And my cheesy self-indulgent self would also like to see a simple sports bar with kick ass chicken wings (grilled PLEASE not fried).


World of Beer is a Florida owned franchise, brought to by the same no talent executives that gave us the greatness of Outback Steakhouse.

A Florida owned franchise coming to Colorado to sell beer? I don't think so.

Any Colorado resident that would walk into this black-hole of failure should be immediately deported.


@DanWinter From the pictures, it looks like a low rent Yard House.  It looks like most of the beers are in bottles, not on tap.  So why would I go to this place?

Mantonat topcommenter

@Philo99 That's a shame. No matter - plenty of great locally owned beer bars and breweries in this town. The beer-dispensing Christmas tree ornament on their website is, however, an intriguing idea.

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