Five weirdest food heists of 2012 -- and what would've made them even weirder

Rover got screwed over.
2. Chocolate melts away.

Right before Thanksgiving eighteen tons of chocolate bars disappeared from a factory in Bludenz, Austria, destined for delivery to the Czech Republic. The 33 pallets loaded with chocolate indeed left the factory, but it was determined that the paperwork for both the truck and the driver were forgeries. The heist was discovered after the first truck left -- and the actual then delivery truck showed up to pick up the chocolate (awkward.) The chocolate has yet to be recovered.

This heist would've been weirder if: The same thieves who carted off the nuts would meet up with these guys, and they could all make a bunch of Christmas candy.

1. Doggie-style disappearance.

On December 2 a small business in Atlanta was pillaged of $35,000 worth of dog food. The 20,000 pounds of "Pet Chef Express" dog food -- in 800 twenty-pound bags -- was hauled off after the industrious robbers reportedly cut a hole in the fence of the adjoining property, climbed through the warehouse window, and used a forklift to move the heavy pallets of doggie chow and load it on to a vehicle. This pack of thieves obviously had some kibbles & wits.

There were no cameras or alarms protecting the property, something the business owners no doubt regretted on December 3.

This heist would've been weirder if: The missing dog food was discovered the next day en route to orphanages in Montana -- or Arby's restaurants.

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Kayley Fogarty

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