Reader: GABF should get rid of Ticketmaster instead of BudMillerCoors

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Is that beer craft or "crafty"? Last week the Boulder-based Brewers Association -- which puts on the Great American Beer Festival -- blasted the nation's two largest beer makers for not labeling some of their smaller brands with the names "MillerCoors" or "Anheuser-Busch." But the big boys have taken the complaint in stride, Jonathan Shikes reports, and plan to remain part of the GABF -- and continue kicking in at least $20,000 annually to the event.

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Which is fine with Christopher:

They need that big money to put on the amazing show that they do, and those bigs have been there for years, too. Most craft beer fans don't go to those tables anyway, and it's a good way to spot the lightweights who are lining up at the water, er, I mean PBR booth. Getting rid of ticketmaster is more important than getting rid of BudMillerCoors as far as what GABF needs to do ASAP, to avoid the hot mess that was the onsale last time around and let Brewer's Association members get first dibs.

What else can the Great American Beer Festival do to improve next year's event? Post your thoughts below.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

The problem with GABF is plain and simple.  The festival has outgrown its britches.  They need a larger venue.

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