Photos: Renovated Cruise Room and McCormick's dining room are decked out for the holidays

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All photos by Elyse Mitchell.
The update of the restaurant facilities at the Oxford Hotel was supposed to start eighteen months ago -- but the sale of McCormick & Schmick's, which runs those facilities, to Tilman Fertitta of Landry's Restaurants late last year put the plan on hold.

But Landry's picked up the project this fall, and much of the work has now been completed, as you can see in the photos that follow.

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The Cruise Room has a new marble floor, a fresh coat of paint (not on the iconic friezes, however), and a new bar top -- one that no longer buzzes with an electrical pulse when you lean up against it. When all the neon in the ceiling is installed, the facelift will be finished -- but in the meantime, this historic bar, modeled after a lounge on the Queen Mary, already looks fabulous.

The McCormick's Fish House & Bar dining room has also been renovated, with a more open floor plan, new carpet and lighting, and comfortable (not creaky) booths. The nearby ballroom and auditorium are getting spruced up in time for holiday parties, too. In the meantime, the hotel lobby and bar are already decked out for the season.

One last project remains: the renovation of the McCormick's bar, which looks much as it did when it opened 25 years ago. Plans now call for providing 360-degree access to the bar, which means the Crystal Room in the back will go -- and the century-old stained-glass windows that are now part of the bar will be preserved on the far wall. Although the Cruise Room never closed while it was renovated, McCormick's will close the bar for a week in January to accommodate that remodeling.

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The Cruise Room

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The Oxford Hotel

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Can someone tell me the artist that did the friezes?


Thank god they didn't sell it to Wynkoop. There would be a giant CRUISE ROOM sign outside with a clip-art-deco logo done by someone's cousin, the friezes would have been ripped out and replaced with backlit iStockphoto shots of girls in flapper dresses, and the jukebox would have been replaced with a video trivia machine. Anyway, looks great. Freshened up but still timeless.

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