Photos: See Zanzibar Billiards Club before it gets a makeover from Spike TV's Bar Rescue

Kalen Deremo
Zanzibar on the eve of being renovated.
Festooned with random flags and boasting a food menu that includes such culinary delights as "Poppers," the "T-REX" hoagie and "West Side Story" sandwich (which we're guessing is delivered by a campy, gyrating food-runner), Zanzibar Billiards Club recently decided it was in need of a makeover. Luckily for the struggling establishment, Jon Taffer of Spike TV's Bar Rescue has come in to save the day.

Over the last four days Taffer and his crew have placed Zanzibar under the microscope, forcing it to undergo a brutal evaluation process that will culminate with a complete renovation of the bar's concept and design. Prior to Zanzibar's relaunching party on December 11, Westword stopped by to snap some last photos of the interior that partially contributed to the bar's downfall.

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Bar Rescue's renovation process essentially consists of five different stages: surveillance, the "Stress Test," training, reconstruction and the eventual relaunching of the bar. Salil Gulati, a spokesman for Spike TV, says that during the "Stress Test," Taffer "brings in his hospitality, culinary and mixologist experts to re-train the staff and change their ways to allow for the bar to become more profitable." Aside from these more traditional techniques, Taffer also uses high-tech instruments in his bar assessment tests, including eye-tracking, body-monitoring and even pheromone-measuring technologies.


Keep reading for more photos.

Location Info

Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards - CLOSED

2046 Larimer St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Jame Koopman
Jame Koopman

First they stole the name from the Zanza Bar that used to be on east Colfax. So they weren't very original to begin with. And.....who cares. Just rich people can afford to open up such a bar.

Christopher David
Christopher David

I like that shows. I just hope they don't change the name because I can't help but quote Tenacious D's "Fuck Her Gently" every time I pass this place.

Stefan Baros
Stefan Baros

Some SPACE for you to shoot. Feed the bartenders.

Kristi Eck Chacon
Kristi Eck Chacon

Im interested in seeing it! And the episode! Whats up with the hot tub? Hahaha Was that an all the time thing or just something I caught on a random night???


please don't change anything!!!  this is the best place to play pool (keep it free!!) and I play here every week for the past few years!!   don't sell out please!!

Nel Echeverry
Nel Echeverry

the existence of such a place/ don't they need another parking lot down there?

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