Six big (big!) Colorado craft beers that come at a bargain price

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Killer Penguin
Boulder Beer

There's a reason why barleywines are typically released in the winter: their sweet nature and high alcohol content can help bring warmth to even the coldest night. Killer Penguin, at 10 percent ABV, fits the bill, as the recipe includes twice the malt as some other winter beers, along with a healthy dose of hops. No real penguins were used.

The Czar
Avery Brewing

This is one of the finest examples of a Russian Imperial Stout being made in Colorado, so it's not surprise that it comes from Avery Brewing in Boulder. Crafted with magnum and sterling hops, along with oats and six kinds of malt, this black gold weighs in at 11 percent ABV and carries notes for English toffee, rich mocha, sweet molasses, candied currants and a hint of anise. Cellar it for a year or two for deepening flavors.

Oak Aged Yeti Bomber.jpg
Oak Aged Yeti
Great Divide Brewing

Part of Great Divide's famed Yeti clan, the 9.5 percent ABV Oak Aged version imparts oaky and vanilla flavors into the brewery's powerful imperial stout. It's a lot to pack into a bottle that already includes massive amounts of roasted malt and hop character.

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You totally missed that you can get a bomber of 471 (9.2%) at Breck for $4.50

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

Beer--especially like that served at Wynkoop Brewing, is BAD FOR COLORADO'S IMAGE.


MMJ Patient.


@behiggi44: You're welcome!

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