Spuntino will undergo a remodel, expand its menu and pursue a full liquor license

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Broening, for his part, intends to grow his small plates, incorporating, he says, "big Mediterranean flavors." He reveals for example, that he's "working on a forroto with chanterelle essence and roasted acorn squash dish, another with braised short ribs with spiced carrot puree, charred radicchio and Fourme d'Ambert," and, he adds, "tons of unique homemade pastas and homemade salumi."

And all of those dishes -- and desserts -- hope the couple, can be paired with beers, wines and cocktails. At the moment, Spuntino has a limited wine liquor license, which only allows them to serve one wine from one producer, a restriction that's in place because Spuntino's location is within 500 feet of a school, otherwise known as the "500 Foot Rule." But in August, the Department of Excise and Licenses eliminated the distance restriction -- with provisions -- allowing restaurants in Highland to apply for a hotel and restaurant liquor license. "We're applying for a restaurant and hotel liquor license, which will allow us to serve wine, beer and some great cocktails," says Lozada-Hissom.

"We mainly want to create and environment and a menu that's welcoming and unpretentious. This will be a full-service restaurant, where people will be able to come in and sit at the bar and comfortably grab lunch, and at night have cocktails and then dinner," she adds.

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2639 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

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We've had nothing but pure pleasure at Spuntino. Been there five times since we discovered it last summer. Liked it so much we brought three friends (couples) there who are also now regulars. I hope they won't forget their roots in the neighborhood, but I also want to see them grow their business, expand their culinary range and, as Yasmin says, 'go nuts' with their already-burgeoning creativity. We can't wait. Let it happen!


It always looks closed due to the poor interior and exterior lighting, and the fact that folks generally sit along the side wall. With the front room being turned into a lounge that should help with perceived liveliness. 

However, my concern is with Spuntino moving away from what locals like about it in the first place: excellent, unusual and reasonably priced small plates with the bonus of trying an out-the-ordinary dessert afterward. Of course, I'm talking about the popsicles, the variety of which has been declining over the past several months noticeably. 

Sadly, we haven't seen Darlene (?) in awhile. Ace's minor crush, crushed. 


I was there about two months ago for brunch. And the french toast was great! But honestly, how many mulligan's do you really get in the restaurant business?


@thespot84 The place always seems dead when I drive by it, its one of the cursed spots but there must be some reason they keep piling money into it

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