Five weirdest food deaths of 2012: Killed by bugs, beans and empanada makers

2. Death by tuna.

Around 7 a.m. on October 14, 2012, Jose Melena, a 62-year-old employee of the Bumble Bee Tuna plant in Santa Fe Springs, California, apparently was cooked to death in a large, industrial steaming device. Melena had worked at the plant for six years, and his job was to put sealed cans of tuna into a pressure cooker to sterilize it; it's not known how he wound up inside the oven. A spokesperson for the Bumble Bee Foods plant told KTLA News, "The entire Bumble Bee Foods family is saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Melena family."

1. Death by empanada.

Brazilians Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, 50, his wife Isabel Pires, 51, and his mistress Bruna da Silva, 25 reportedly lured two women with offers of employment into their home, then killed them to make empanada filling. The pastries were apparently then sold on the street. The fiendish crime was discovered after one of the women was arrested with a victim's credit card, and what was left of the bodies of the two murdered women was found buried in the garden of the home.

It was reported that angry neighbors -- upset empanada consumers? -- burned the house to the ground.

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