Twenty foodie gifts from Cost Plus World Market

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J. Wohletz
5) Panettone
Of course, no holiday foodie gift-shopping trip would be complete without taking a crack at a giant wall of panettone. These sweet, raisin-studded bread cylinders are imported from Italy -- or maybe Wyoming -- and filled with citron and lemon zest. Tip: They make excellent French toast.

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J. Wohletz
4) Red velvet cookies
Everywhere you turn these days it's red velvet something -- red velvet cake, cupcakes, coffee, ice cream, shaving lotion and cough drops. So these ready-made red velvet cookies are a thoughtful party gift for anyone, anywhere...and they even have a little ribbon bow on the boxes.

Cost Plus Xmas 029.JPG
J. Wohletz
3) Cake carrier
This cake carrier/holder is too precious. It's painted tin, totally retro, and even has a spot at the top for a pie if you don't have a cake to put in it. I bought one.

And that was as good as it got.

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My holiday isn't complete without a bag of Cost Plus' Egg Nog Coffee. (I shopped there long before they added "World Market" so they'll always be just Cost Plus to me.) The coffee doesn't really taste like egg nog - egg nog is code for "nutmeg" just like "Mexican coffee" is code for "cinnamon" - but it's a nice balance between the nutmeg and a reasonably decent base coffee. It's great on snowy days like today.

It's always sold out before the post-holiday clearance, so I never get a second bag...

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