Twenty foodie gifts from Cost Plus World Market

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J. Wohletz
2) Pistachio custard-filled holiday cake
This cake looks really great in the picture on the box -- light, fluffy, filled with nutty goo. I bought one so that I could take it home and serve it off of my cute new cake holder. After struggling with the box for several minutes, I pulled the plastic-wrapped, amaretto-reeking mass out of the cardboard -- so far, so good -- and noticed that the packet of confectioner's sugar had melded into a plastery hunk. I tossed it, used my own out of the pantry, and cut a slice.

holiday no-no cakes 001.JPG
J. Wohletz
It was dry. Like a Saharan f*ck dry. The custard was a suspicious olive green color, and tasted like baby oil smells. I have two words for this cake: Duncan Hines.

Cost Plus Xmas 027.JPG
J. Wohletz
1) Yule log
I was also intrigued by the packaged, chocolate-covered yule log with chocolate and hazelnut custard filling. Again, the picture on the package made it look appealing -- and practically crammed with custard.

holiday no-no cakes 004.JPG
J. Wohletz
What's up with these boxes? It took a bread knife for me to hack through this one to get at the big snack cake-looking thing, and it didn't resemble the picture on the box at all. It had some sort of crumb topping that I think was supposed to look like bark -- it didn't -- with a small, crusty icing flower on it. When I sawed a slice off this log, I was disappointed to see that the custard was not flowing -- or even trickling. The rubbery dabs of what is probably custard were surrounded by an arid, loofah-textured bread that scraped my mouth on the inside.

Don't buy this cake, either. Unless the box says Entenmann's, Hostess or Little Debbie on it, I'm no longer interested.

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My holiday isn't complete without a bag of Cost Plus' Egg Nog Coffee. (I shopped there long before they added "World Market" so they'll always be just Cost Plus to me.) The coffee doesn't really taste like egg nog - egg nog is code for "nutmeg" just like "Mexican coffee" is code for "cinnamon" - but it's a nice balance between the nutmeg and a reasonably decent base coffee. It's great on snowy days like today.

It's always sold out before the post-holiday clearance, so I never get a second bag...

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