Boney's Smokehouse is smokin' in its new downtown Denver location

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All photos by Brandon Marshall.
Boney's does barbecue "low and slow," its website promises. But in this case, "low and slow" wins the race -- because Boney's just unveiled its new location at 1543 Champa Street, just two doors down from its former home at 1555 Champa.

The bigger, better space will allow owner/operators Lamont and Trina Lynch to not only expand their hours, but expand their menu...and maybe one day add alcohol to the offerings.

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Lamont is a South Florida native, by way of a fourth generation Bahamian family, and his barbecue recipes -- "a lifelong hobby," he says -- reflect that heritage.

They're waiting to expand the menu offerings and hours until they've worked out a few kinks in the new place, Lamont says, but he promises that won't take long.

In the meantime, keep reading for a look at the new Boney's.




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Boney's Smokehouse BBQ

1543 Champa St., Denver, CO

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I love this place. I recommend it to all BBQ fans.

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