Reader: I'm loving the series on Federal Boulevard

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Mark Antonation has been eating his way up Federal Boulevard in the weekly series, A Federal Case. Yesterday, he landed at Cafe Chihuahua, where he ordered a pregnant burrito.

See also:
- Cafe Chihuahua is pregnant with possibilities
- Andy's Kitchen Asian Express is worth a risky left on Federal
- At Granny Annie, the Southern cuisine is pretty peachy
- At 4G's on Federal, the food is not the topic of conversation
- A Federal Case: Eating my way up the boulevard

Says GregLKJ:

I'm loving this series. I'm always tempted to go into some of these places on Federal but until now I had no idea which were worth checking out. Thanks Mark!

What's your favorite spot on Federal Boulevard?

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More love for Lao Wang here.  Also Pho Duy (right next door), and of course New Saigon.  And I'd like to hear a review of Red Claw - 5280 Magazine did a very positive review of it a while ago and I've been meaning to try it.


Lao Wang Noodle House. An 8 table shop run by an adorable old chinese couple with the best (maybe only now) Xao Long Bao in town. The potstickers are amazing too.


I'm suprised about the postive comments regarding Grandpa's Burger Haven.  They smash the shit out of their burger patties.


Like foodcrazy below I'm in complete agreement with him on Columbine love going there for a late night steak, and also Grandpa's burgers are hard to beat.  But I'm going to throw in my favorites you cant talk about Federal Blvd and not mention Lao Wang's Noodle house, this place although it probably hasnt been cleaned in yrs the place can serve up some killer food.  Then for Pho you got to hit Pho 95 this place is always busy although I have not seen the new place or tried it there but will soon.  Then a new place I found was Tarasco's I've been searching high and low for some place that has Jamiaca and found it here along with some amazing food, there mole's are off the hook.  Next on my list to try is Red Claw any reports on this place how is it? 

ScubaSteve topcommenter

My favorite spot on Federal Blvd is a tie between Columbine Steak House (3rd and Federal) and Grandpa's Burger Haven (Ellsworth and Federal).  I also agree with GregLKJ.  This series is great.

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