Carbone's Italian Sausage closes temporarily; "hopefully we'll be back"

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Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli, which has been slinging mouthwatering meatball sandwiches in north Denver for decades, has temporarily closed.

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"We will be be temporarily closed due to a sickness in the family," says the voicemail at the business before thanking customers for their years of patronage. "Hopefully we'll be back."

But Carbone's matriarch Rosa Lenardo has been warning patrons for months that the deli -- which won Westword's Best Sandwiches for 2011 -- might have to shut its doors, either temporarily or permanently.

"I don't got no choice," she told Westword's Lori Midson back in August. "Nobody in the family wants to do this, and I can't do it anymore."

Westword will follow up on this story next week if we get more information about a possible reopening date.

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Carbone's Italian Sausage Deli - CLOSED

1221 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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One of the consequences of this influx of Hipsters into Denver. All the things that made Denver what it is are being destroyed, "Paved Paradise, Put Up a Condo Parking Lot"

Once it's gone, it can never come back

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So why don't one of you Highland Hipsters dip into your trustfund / $$$ and rescue the place?


I REALLY hate to say it, but I doubt they will reopen again.  I hope the illness isn't Rose herself: if it is then this place is definitely not opening again.   But in any case, I wish for a speedy recovery.  Another NW Denver Italian joint bites the dust.  I get sick to my stomach every time this happens.


Well  that just put a damper on my day


Just give me the recipes and two weeks of training, Momma Rosa, and I'll run it for you!


Hipsters made one of the Lenardo clan sick? What?

If she was closing because of lack of business or because somebody was buying her out to hipsterize the place, then you've got a point. Too many of the older restaurants and shops of that area have closed because of that.

But this closure sounds different to me: illness in the family and none of the rest of the family wants to run her shop. I'm not a hipster, I don't live there, either, but I don't see why the neighborhood gets blamed because someone in the family is sick.

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