Chia's Breakfast & Lunch Counter closes in Golden, and will reopen as Tin Star Smokehouse

Lori Midson
Last April, Eric Chiappetta, the former chef of Pizza Republica, along with his wife, Jamie, left the piehole world behind to open Chia's Breakfast & Lunch Counter in Golden. But last week, the couple shut the doors.

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"Jamie and I have decided to move to the Longmont area and live in a house that has been in Jamie's family forever, and it would have proven to be a logistical nightmare to keep the restaurant and move, too," explains Chiappetta, who's had the restaurant on the block since October.

"Business has been going well, so it's hard saying goodbye, but we may have a new concept opening in the Longmont area at some point late this summer," reveals Chiappetta. "We're still ironing out the details."

As for what will become of Chia, it has a new tenant, namely Paul Schutt, the former chef of Work Options for Women, who will open Tin Star Smokehouse in the next few months; coincidentally, Andrew Schutt, Paul's brother, owns Tin Star Cafe & Donut House in Evergreen -- a restaurant that also slings some seriously awesome barbecue.

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Tin Star Smokehouse

16400 S. Golden Road, Golden, CO

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I hope Paul's new place is like Andrew's Tin Star Cafe & Donut House in Evergreen.  Jason Sheehan turned me on to that place when I read his review and it has become a favorite stop since.

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