Reader: Notice to vacate at El Diablo/Sketch puts 100 people out of work

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Six months after the city first slapped the First Avenue Hotel with notices to vacate because the structure was unsound, and five months after a Board of Appeals hearing determined that owner Jesse Morreale could reopen the two restaurants in the building -- Sketch and El Diablo -- while he worked out a plan with the Denver Department of Community Planning and Development, which had given him a temporary occupancy permit for the circa 1906 structure more than two years ago, the city returned early last Friday morning and again slapped the building with a notice to vacate.

Morreale says he plans a filing with the city today to try to get his places open -- but in the meantime, the restaurants were dark over the weekend.

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And no matter what you think about the city, no matter what you think about Morreale, says DC_Carey 78, you should think about the employees:

Listen guys, regardless of how you feel about the food/service or Jesse there are now around 100 people out of work. Just saying.

As for that, "We're aware of the situation that they're now in, through no fault of their own," says Andrea Burns, director of communications for the Denver Department of Community Planning and Development. "The staff at our Denver Workforce Centers are aware of the situation and are ready to assist displaced employees."

According to Burns, staffers there can assist with job placement, training, resume assistance and other related tasks; they also have resource rooms with free access to computers, copying machines and the Internet/phones/fax.

See more on Denver's Workforce Centers here.

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I have met many of the El Diablo and Sketch Food & Wine staff and they are great people. I hope that they all "see the writing on the wall" as ginbearit says, and find other stable places of employment. This is the second time this has happened in the past year and it sounds like the issues the owner has with the property, the City of Denver, his creditors, etc are far from going away/being fixed. Enough of this BS.


I have trouble imagining that there has been a talented group of industry professionals standing behind Jesse through this saga. As another commenter mentioned - how do you not see the writing on the wall? 


I heard through the grapevine that he foreclosed on the property - leaving all these employees hung out to dry.  Not sure of the truth to this, but is something I heard on the street.


@ginbearit well, since everyone seems to have a story about bad food and worse service, it does not seem that Jesse is attracting and/or keeping anyone with any talent.


@GentlyStirred "Denver Business Journal" reported in foreclosure until Morreale filed for Chapter 11.

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