Fifteen new Colorado beer labels you'll be seeing in early 2013

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A handful of great new Colorado craft beers hit the market at the very end of 2012, including: Boulder Beer's A Honey of a Saison; Great Divide's Orabelle; Elevation Beer's Downpour Imperial Red Ale; Ska Brewing's Hibernal Vinifera and Crazy Mountain's Boohai Red Ale. All four are stellar brews, and a couple of them came close to becoming last-minute spoilers on my list of "The ten best new Colorado beers of 2012."

But 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger when it comes to new beer releases. Already, we've seen the debut of Odell Brewing's luscious Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout, which has gotten stellar reviews. Here are fifteen other beers we can expect to see soon:

See also:
- Wynkoop Brewing will package its "ballsy" Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in cans
- Hugo's Colorado Beer & Spirits opens today in Capitol Hill, selling only craft beer and spirits
- Renegade Brewing will can two more of its beers


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Odell and Elevation continue to do things right. Gorgeous designs - hopefully the beer is equal to them.

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