First look: Smashburger unveils new design concept

The new Smashburger stores also incorporate different design materials -- subway tiling, wood grains and rafters, wood-motifed floors with abstract patterns, walls of windows, that, in the case of the Hampden space, invite natural sunlight and overlook the Rocky Mountains (as does the spacious patio), along with a color palette that still trumpets that iconic cherry red but also highlights warm brown tones. "It's modern, it's clean, we have a lot more wood, and it's more sophisticated," says Ryan.

There's a partially open kitchen, too, where guests can peek. "Over the years, guests have stopped me ask for a more open kitchen, so we've expanded the view into our kitchen a little more to give people a sense of the energy of what goes on in there," Ryan says. Digital menu boards and a well-stocked beverage display at the counter, are also new additions. "This is the new generation of Smashburger," says Ryan.

And there are plenty of additional Smashburgers on the way. Ryan reveals that he'll open at least two more in the Denver metropolitan area next year, and estimates that, on average, one to two stores per week open worldwide. "It's all dependent upon how the real estate falls, so that's an average, but our growth plans are definitely getting pretty aggressive."

Here's a first look at the design Smashburger scheme that will soon dominate the burger world.

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6305 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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A little bit from McDonalds and some from Chipotle.

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