Reader: Fourteen Seventy-Two shows Gretchen Kurtz writing for top 2 percent of population

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Mark Manger
Shrimp and grits at Fourteen Seventy-Two: a high point.
There's been a lot of action on South Pearl Street this season, with Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two joining the lineup, bringing low-country cuisine to the Mile High City. But when Gretchen Kurtz reviewed the restaurant last week, she found both highs and lows. But one reader thought her review was a low blow....

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Says itsbootytime:

If I had to guess this critic is some Californian or New Yorker gone Denverite. She obviously is not from Denver and is another critic writing for the top 2% of the population. Well I come from the other 98% and was born and raised in the city of Denver, and visited this restaurant back in October. I will agree they had some kinks to work out, including the sign and several other fairly glaring issues, and the service needed polishing at that time. I also know that they had just opened, and having worked in the industry for years, know that even great servers struggle in new restaurants. I also have been a patron in the birth of many of the neighborhood and local restaurants and bars in Denver and have seen their early struggles and now see many of them thriving today. I think there is a lot of promise for this concept, and hope to see them overcome the usual issues. I personally think this will be a great fit to pearl street and to the city as a whole and will be making a return visit to hopefully look for all the changes and to see this business grow. Overall this article was jaded, and without question the title was a joke, and an embarrassment to any critic. If I could make another prediction I don't see this critic lasting long in our great city. I personally don't want a starbucks on pearl, i like stellas, and hope they ship this small business-hating critic to wherever she came from.

Do you think Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two has been a good addition to South Pearl Street? What else would you like to see on this strip?

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Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two

1472 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

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It's pretty clear to me that the strident reactions to the review of Fourteen Seventy-Two are really more about the headline to the review and not to the review itself. Since we really don't know whether Gretchen Kurtz had any hand in writing the headline or not, it's a bit unfair to pin it on her.   I think the headline was something dickish like Fourteen Seventy Two has to "Get a Clue" but I don't remember the exact wording because, curiously, the headline has now disappeared from the site.  I would love to hear the story of how it came to be that no evidence of that headline now exists on the Westword site; I think the editors were also mortified by it as well.


So wanting quality service, excellent food and professionalism is refined to the top 2%?

If we were born and raised in Denver we shouldn't have some expectation of competence in the restaurants we patronize?

I have seen some attacks on food critiques that were unfounded but the one by this poster does nothing but degrade himself and shows his lack of couth.

Mantonat topcommenter

@DenverDoughboy Check the print edition. That's a pretty permanent piece of evidence.

Mantonat topcommenter

@DenverDoughboy Or, just click Restaurants>Restaurants Home in Westword's top menu bar. The headline appears in the link to the article there. The headline in the online addition is almost always different than the headline in the print edition, probably for search optimization reasons. 

patricia.calhoun moderator editortopcommenter


To clarify: We run a longer headline on the web version of a review; the web headline for the Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two review has not changed: it's "Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two brings low-country cuisine to the Mile High City," and that's reflected in the URL. The headline in the print version -- which I wrote -- has not changed, either, obviously; it's "Get a Clue," and it specifically plays off the lead that Gretchen wrote about the work of a critic being like that of a detective. 

We do change kickers/web teases for stories/reviews on the web as the week goes on.

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