Gather's liquor license is a lesson in smart city planning

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Subway may have run into trouble by shorting the measurements of its footlong sandwiches, but the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses has gotten nothing but kudos for the rule change it made late last summer, allowing "bona fide restaurants" within 500 feet of a school to apply for a hotel and restaurant liquor license, when before they would have been prohibited from doing so. This new rule does not apply to bars, and restaurants must jump through some hoops to pass muster with the city. But this change will allow restaurants to open downtown in areas also being eyed for schools, and it's already been used successfully by Mici Handcrafted Italian, which opened last October at 2373 Central Park Boulevard, within 500 feet of a Montessori school in Stapleton.

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DJ's Berkeley Cafe, at 3838 Tennyson Street, Zaza's Pizzeria, at 2041 South University, and Udi's on Colfax (in the former Encore space, at 2550 East Colfax Avenue) have all applied (and been approved) under this rule. So did Gather, the gathering place/bar/restaurant/coffee shop that opened early this month in Galvanize 1.0, the entrepreneurial think tank that took over the old Rocky Mountain Bank Note building at 1062 Delaware Street. (Decades ago, this space held the Monastery, a wine bar where the servers wore monk's outfits -- but skinny jeans and thick glasses are more the norm here today.)

Gather was granted a liquor license two weeks ago, after a hearing on December 21 at which numerous neighbors testified on behalf of the application; the principal of West High School, which is within 500 feet of Galvanize, also supported the effort, and wrote: "Galvanize/Gather has proven to be an excellent community partner thus far. Galvanize/Gather has provided additional learning opportunities for our students, staff and community. We have also solidified an ongoing partnership that will extend our learning beyond the classroom and into the real world and 21st century."

And in the meantime, Gather is extending its own offerings. Chef Lon Symensma, who partnered with Galvanize's Jim Deters on ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro downtown, is creating the menu, adding new dishes every week; the kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and late-afternoon snacks. And before the place opens at 7 a.m., baker Josh Pollack makes dozens of bagels that could give the authentic New York model a run for its money. He uses molecularly engineered water to do it.

But the real liquid asset at Gather is the bar, which features cocktails named after the think-tank's tenants as well as Colorado craft beers, making it a real gathering place.

The city is planning to do a six-month review of its 500-foot rule in February. But it already looks like a lesson in smart civic planning.

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davebarnes topcommenter

Maybe we should just close down all the schools.

The kids could get jobs in all the new bars and restaurants.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

The "Blue Laws" regarding alcohol in Colorado are still archaic.  A grocery chain can still only have one outlet in the state that can sell liquor.  A three tier liquor distribution requirement that is designed specifically to enrich the distributors and a limit on bars/restaurants about how much they can buy (at cheaper prices) from retailers.  A limit that a liquor retailer can only have one license  - hence only one Argonaut and one Applejack when the public would benefit from a cost/selection perspective if they were allowed to expand.  Come on people this is 2013 an this is not Utah - get with the program like almost every other state.  No reason we shouldn't be able to pick up a bottle of wine to go with dinner at our local grocery store.  At least this appears to be a step in the right direction.  Pretty soon it'll be easier to buy pot than booze.

Cafe Society
Cafe Society

Gather? Definitely open...but it closes in the early evening.

Rachel Griffin
Rachel Griffin

Are they open? We went twice last week and both times it was dark and no one picked up the phone.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Denver Dave I totally agree with you, except that Colorado laws are more protectionist than they are religious in their motivation, unlike Utah. The end result is the same - inconvenience for customers and limitations on businesses. At least we got past the no liquor on Sundays thing. What I'd like to see is a loosening of restrictions in order to allow places like City Beer (in SF) and Belmont Station (in Portland) to open in Denver. I can go into a tap room at Crooked Stave or Breckenridge and drink beer at the bar or buy beer to go in either bottles or growlers, but I can't to the same thing at a liquor store. Even Pocatello, Idaho has a liquor store with regional craft beers on tap.

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