Reader: You know exactly what to expect at an Irish bar -- which is why I pretty much hate them

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Recognize this spot? You won't soon. This is the former Rockstar Bar, which the owners of Katie Mullen's will soon turn into an Irish pub -- adding to the 55 restaurants/bars/coffeehouses already in the LoHi neighborhood.

And the news brought another round of responses in the Highland/hipster debate.

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But Mantonat had another take:

Didn't someone once say something about Irish bars being great because no matter where you are in the world, you can find an Irish bar and know exactly what to expect? It's for that exact reason that I pretty much hate Irish bars. The best Irish bars are the ones that try to just blend with the neighborhood and offer something comfortable with good food. Dougherty's on Ellsworth and Broadway comes to mind (although it's been a while, so hopefully they haven't blown it). It doesn't scream "Irish!" the way those giant theme-park bars downtown do. If you are listening, Katie Mullen, follow that lead. But please skip the Irish nachos.

What do you think the Katie Mullen's crew should do with the Rockstar location? Ban hipsters? Provide parking? Post your comments below.

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Rockstar Bar - CLOSED

3358 Mariposa St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I am looking forward to this new place opening up. I live down the street and have to travel for live music so this is ideal for me. I heard these guys are actually from the old sod so they must know what an irish bar is all about.

Be open for march my irish fellows so I can enjoy a good pint of Guinness.

Karl Josef Royer
Karl Josef Royer

I am also looking forward to more late night places in that Hood.

Matt J Reed
Matt J Reed

YES!!! If you have ever BEEN to that neighborhood you would know what a crap idea this is. Highland Tavern owns this corner and I speak for MANY when I say this new Irish hole will get ZERO of my dollars


There are enough Irish-themed bars in Denver (heads up, Little Pub Co!). Re-reading Jason Sheehan's review of Katie Mullins' opening, I do hope they carry on with those grand ideas here. A nice fireplace, a 'cozy cottage' atmosphere, rugby/soccor games in the wee hours of the weekend (carried LIVE please!). A nice local pub where even families feel comfortable bringing their little ones to enjoy a hearty Irish brunch.  And guess what -- "little ones" tend to keep out the idiots!  Ahhh... I wax nostalgic to a different time in a different place -- a place where the fresh-off-the-boat construction workers bellied up to the bar for a Guiness or an OJ & Harp.


It's the difference between an Irish pub and an Irish-themed bar. Denver has (primarily) the latter. Slap some shamrocks and vintage Guinness posters on the wall, make the name possessive, and you've got yourself an Irish-themed bar. Mantonat's right in that the best ones are part of their neighborhood.

As for hipsters-- if you drink in Denver, you'll be drinking with hipsters. We get it. Their pants are tighter than normal pants and they're incapable of feeling emotion without irony. Let's all just stop whinging about it now.

ScubaSteve topcommenter


Not only should people stop "whinging" about it now, but they need to stop "whining", too.  I stay away from so-called Irish pubs and Irish-themed bars.

Mantonat topcommenter

@foodcrazy @babadhalgarag

whinge: /(h)winj/ Verb - Complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way. Noun - An act of complaining in such a way. Synonyms - whine

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