Katie Mullen's crew takes over former Rockstar Bar

The folks behind Katie Mullen's have taken over the former Rockstar Bar location at 3358 Mariposa in Highland, a space that couldn't be more of a contrast to the big, swank Irish bar (four bars, actually) that Paul Maye opened downtown almost four years ago.

But construction has already started to turn the Highland location into an Irish pub.

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A much smaller, more intimate Irish pub.

According to Katie Mullen's manager David Caughey, the project is still more than two months away from opening. In fact, the owners of Katie Mullen's are still finalizing plans for the place and don't have an operating name yet. But it won't be the only pub inspired by the British Isles moving into the neighborhood.

Over at 1560 Boulder Street, Churchill's Public House, a British-style pub, will also be opening this spring.

That won't be the only change in the neighborhood, either. Just up the street from the no-name Irish pub, Local Bar @ Highland opened in the old Arabian Bar space last week.

Location Info


Rockstar Bar - CLOSED

3358 Mariposa St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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This does have all the makings of a good Irish Pub --- just outside the reach of the 'in-crowd neighborhood' where the rents are cheaper and the customers just want a quiet spot to have several drinks. Yeah, the Highland Tavern and LocalBar are a block away, but hopefully the 'hip crowd' will stay on Navajo, maybe even catch a show at the Bug.
Drop the guitar, keep the glitz down to a near-none, and bring in the Guiness!  Oh, and someone that knows how to pour it!


Fast casual from Uber Sausage, eventually a Tavern concept and now this? I think the residents in and around LoHi will have more to complain about than meager parking availability.  


That's too bad. Hoping they would put their own spin on it and have live music.

Mantonat topcommenter

Didn't someone once say something about Irish bars being great because no matter where you are in the world, you can find an Irish bar and know exactly what to expect? It's for that exact reason that I pretty much hate Irish bars. The best Irish bars are the ones that try to just blend with the neighborhood and offer something comfortable with good food. Dougherty's on Ellsworth and Broadway comes to mind (although it's been a while, so hopefully they haven't blown it). It doesn't scream "Irish!" the way those giant theme-park bars downtown do. If you are listening, Katie Mullen, follow that lead. But please skip the Irish nachos.


Hope they tone down that "swank"; that's the last thing a good Irish pub needs.

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