Living the Sweet Life is leaving LoHi

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Sweets at Living the Sweet Life.
No sooner had the LoHi Merchants Group added up the bars, restaurants and coffee shops in the neighborhood to a whopping 55 than some of them started disappearing.

Gramma Dor's is gone, as is 32nd Treat. And now comes news that Erika Cunha, owner of Living the Sweet Life, is closing her LoHi bakery located next to Masterpiece Deli.

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An "existing restaurant" will lease the space, 5280 reports, and Cunha will be selling the contents of the bakery that she opened back in September 2009.

Even though losing Living the Sweet Life will reduce the LoHi count to 52, new spots, including the much anticipated Old Major, are scheduled to open soon...and would-be restaurateurs are snapping up any spaces that open up.

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

Per my previous postings, 30 left to go.

Mantonat topcommenter

@foodcrazy For someone named "Foodcrazy," you sure seem to take glee in the demise of food-based businesses. 


@Mantonat @foodcrazy My guess is you're misinterpreting 'foodcrazy'. My guess is foodcrazy is a nimbyist who lived in this neighborhood before the expansion and the traffic (but probably not before the crime went away and services started appearing) and the proliferation of restaurants has him going 'crazy'.

At least that's my take. I'm probably just projecting because everyone talks so much smack about the neighborhood even as they drive here for their weekly happy hour.

As for the blog posting, here's to hoping that Masterpiece expands their kitchen and offerings.

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