Mark DeNittis lands at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts -- as the Director of Culinary Curriculum

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He'll continue to teach, as well, both for professional students and the rest of us, who simply just want to learn from the one of the best. "The professional program is meat-focused, but there's also an emphasis on techniques and methods, while the recreational classes are meat-focused and geared toward those who cook at home," he explains.

And at some point down the line, reveals DeNittis, he'd like to teach pastry classes and complete his level-one sommelier certification, as well as his ACF executive-chef accreditation. "With this job comes so many amazing opportunities," says DeNittis, who tells me that he accepted the position for several reasons, one of which is the enviable student-to-teacher ratio: eight students to every one instructor. "I love the small class sizes," he says.

He admits, too, that he's wanted to return to the education sector ever since leaving Johnson & Wales. "I'm truly and sincerely excited to be back in a culinary classroom, and I have the best of both worlds, because I'm also still heavily involved in the industry sector, too," he notes. He's partnered with Anderson Meats, a local company, to help with sales and marketing, and he's consulting with Justin Brunson, the exec chef of Old Major, on sanitation operating procedures and a HACCP plan for Brunson's charcuterie program.

And, says DeNittis, Il Mondo Vecchio may one day resurface. "We're looking at ways to possibly revive our salumi program (he's retained a lawyer and launched an investigation), but we don't know if it'll return as Il Mondo Vecchi, or as something else, but if we do go back into production, it will be on a much larger scale," he reveals.

In the meantime, he says, life couldn't be better. "I'm thrilled with the way things turned out."

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Cook Street School of Culinary Arts

1937 Market St., Denver, CO

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Yeah, know you, fellow meathead. Shit will happen. It's all good. We'll rock the roof off this market.  I can't wait! Thanks for all you do for the Denver community. I only hope to have the passion you do for CO.You and Jenna rock. Blessed to know you both. Meathead.

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