Five better bets John Hickenlooper could have made with Maryland

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Triple M Bar Ranch's Facebook
Triple M sheep, destined for Maryland?Governor John Hickenlooper is grilling lamb chops on the steps of the State Capitol this afternoon, in advance of mailing a package of a dozen lamb chops from the Triple M Bar Ranch in Manzanola to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, to settle their bet on last Saturday's playoffs game.

Had the Denver Broncos won, Hickenlooper would be getting a dozen Chesapeake Bay crab cakes. The Baltimore Ravens dashed Denver's hopes, which is why Hickenlooper will be sending off that tasty Colorado lamb. Still, we can think of a half-dozen other items the sheepish governor might want to send to Maryland instead.

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john hickenlooper ean seeb cheetos goldfish.jpg
Ean Seeb of Denver Relief, Governor John Hickenlooper and some snacks.

5. Cheetos and Goldfish
On election night, after it was clear that Amendment 64 would pass, Hickenlooper warned eager pot fans that "federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don't break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly." That line inspired plenty of late-night jokes -- and a call to make Cheetos and Goldfish -- baked, of course, not fried --Colorado's official snack food.

twirling hippie cheesecake.jpg
A Twirling Hippie cheesecake.
4. Any edible containing pot

While it would certainly be easier to ship Cheetos and Goldfish across the Colorado border, a nice selection of marijuana-containing edibles -- including a Cheesecake Lady cheesecake -- would show the rest of the country how a new industry is really cooking in Colorado.

craft beer on ice.jpg
3. Craft beer
It's also illegal to ship beer that's over 5 percent ABV across state lines -- but people do it all the time. So reporters were surprised when Hickenlooper made a protein-packed bet with O'Malley, rather than going for craft beer. But he had his reasons, and they didn't involve the law. He was simply showing mercy to Maryland (not that the Ravens did the same for the Broncos, since that state would have had to send so many brews to match the quality of just one Colorado craft beer.

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RM Oysters they way they make them at the Buckhorn Exchange:  Sliced thin, battered and deep fried.  YUM!

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I like this article.  Patty, you have some cool suggestions.

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