Five better bets John Hickenlooper could have made with Maryland

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2. Rocky Mountain oysters
Just think of the publicity this state would get if Hickenlooper stopped by the National Western Stock Show, picked up a bull (such as this specimen spotted last night), took it to the Capitol, butchered it on the steps, and fried up some fresh Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not only would the Stock Show get a good boost, but the governor would display the kind of raw courage the Broncos lacked in double overtime.

horse stock photo.jpg
1. Horsemeat
Not to beat a dead horse...

grape crush.png
Honorable mention: Sour Grape Crush
Yes, a load of Orange Crush might seem more appropriate...but in the wake of the Denver Broncos' loss, this state has a bad case of sour grapes.

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RM Oysters they way they make them at the Buckhorn Exchange:  Sliced thin, battered and deep fried.  YUM!

ScubaSteve topcommenter

I like this article.  Patty, you have some cool suggestions.

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