Reader: Kachina reminds me more of Disney in the '90s than Epcot

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Kachina at the Westin Westminster.
To the Hopi, Gretchen Kurtz writes, kachinas are spirit-beings associated with rain, corn, animals and other elements critical to life in the desert. Not that you'd grasp this from the splashy Southwestern restaurant of the same name that opened in the Westin Westminster in September. According to the menu, kachinas "represent anything in the natural world or cosmos," including "a location, a quality...or a concept." But the only concept represented at Kachina, she says, seems to be a Southwestern cliché straight out of Epcot.

Or is that Disneyland?

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Says MO_242:

Regarding the Epcot comparison: The food at Epcot has really improved in the last few years. I had the misfortune of dining at Kachina recently and it reminded me more of my Disney visits in the early 90's when the food was truly horrific.

Have you ever eaten at Epcot? Disneyland? Disneyworld? Kachina? Post your thoughts below.

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Kachina Southwestern Grill

10600 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CO

Category: Restaurant

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ScubaSteve topcommenter

I've never been to Disney World or Epcot but I'm from southern California and have been to Disneyland many, many times and the food has always been very good (from at least the 1960s to the present).  I would try Kachina, but every time I go to a restaurant that far from my place, I'm hungry again by the time I get home and end up eating again.

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