Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two: Do restaurants in old houses make you feel at home?

Mark Manger
Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two occupies a very modernized Victorian-era home.
Restaurants located in converted old homes tend not to be the edgiest places around. But what they lack in trendsetting they usually make up for with atmosphere, using the power of architecture -- exposed brick, stained-glass windows, fireplaces and wrap-around porches -- to draw you in and make you feel as relaxed as if you were, well, at home.

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Breakfast and brunch are particularly well-suited to this kind of cozy environment, which might be why Lucile's has dished up eggs Sardou out of an old Victorian in Boulder for more than three decades, and why folks linger over biscuits and gravy in the charming red-brick Victorian bungalow that once housed the original La Loma and now shelters Sassafras American Eatery (which I reviewed this fall). Gaia Bistro, which made its name with sweet and savory crepes long before it added dinner service, also calls another old bungalow home.

Not all repurposed houses are trying to be so quaint. Park House, which opened off East Colfax in October, attracts more of the hang-out-and-chill-out crowd, with comfy couches, eight kinds of nachos and beer. On the other end of the spectrum is Black Crown Lounge, which has an over-the-top, old-world, country-club feel.

And then there's Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two, located in a fully renovated century-old house on Old South Pearl, just up the street from Gaia. Find out what kind of food 1472's owners -- Dave Chmura, Rob Young and Scott Bergin -- have paired with this inviting space when my review is posted here tomorrow.

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Restaurant Fourteen Seventy-Two

1472 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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it depends.  Often restaurants in old houses just feel crowded.  No room for tables, and definitely no room if you have to wait.


dont forget about cuba cuba!  the old home that houses cuba cuba is key to the down-home feeling of the restaurant, down to the creaky old floors.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Didn't care for it.  They've left all the outdoor furniture outdoors and it just looks filthy and unappealing during the winter.  At lunch there was not a soul in the dining room or anyone to greet us.  We wandered up to the glassed in patio where we found our own seat with 3 other customers.  Pretty depressing and hardly warm and welcoming - IMO.  Some of the food was OK - some not so much.  It was expensive for lunch because the menu for lunch and dinner is the same (at least when we were there) - not cheap by any means ($72 for two plus tip).  No plans to return.

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