Tamayo, Richard Sandoval's Larimer Square restaurant, closes for colossal renovations

"We're leaving the bones of the restaurant in place, but it will look completely new and different," promises Bonner, noting that the brilliant mural, however, that's showcased behind the downstairs bar, will remain. But the other mosaics, he says, will be replaced by new art. "Essentially, this will be what we hope is like a fine-dining Mexican restaurant in Mexico City," he says. "We're spending more more money to renovate it than we did to open it."

And along with a new design, 75 percent of Tamayo's menu will also change. "We're keeping it high-end and high-quality, but we're incorporating less expensive options," says Bonner. "We have everyone from college students to older professionals in this neighborhood, and it makes sense to us to capture all of our demographics." The rejuvenated menu, he notes, will pimp more tacos plates and cazuelas, and dishes, he says, "that, in our mind, are more affordable and approachable." The plates that will remain on the board, he stresses, are Sandoval's signature dishes. "We have a lot of guests who like those, so we're keeping the fan favorites."

Another notable change, he says, will be apparent in the cocktail menu. Noah Heaney, the bar manager of Harold's and the Bayonet Room, a restaurant and lounge in Longmont, is consulting on the bar program, divulges Bonner, who worked with Heaney several years ago in Minnesota. "We want to have a cocktail list with a Colorado focus -- there's absolutely no reason for us to not use local spirits, especially given how many great local products we have at our fingertips."

Bonner tells me, too, that he's increasing the size of the tequila roster -- significantly. We have about forty tequilas now, and we're adding around eighty more," he says," adding that one of those tequilas will be dispensed from a barrel that's a Sandoval exclusive. "I'm super-super pumped for that."

And, he says, he's equally excited about the remodel as a whole. "We're completely modernizing this concept, and we're going to have an absolutely beautiful restaurant, not to mention a great bar and lounge scene that capitalizes on the best patio in Denver."

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1400 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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How about a food and ESPECIALLY a service makeover as well?  Oh yeah, Sandoval doesn't actually care.

ScubaSteve topcommenter

It's been ten years or so since I've been to Tamayo.  I thought the place was long gone.  I remember, however, that the appetizer of guacomole and chips was enough for a meal for two people.  I'll visit when it reopens.

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