Tony's Market closes its Bistro kitchen on Broadway for a remodel

The Bistro inside of Tony's Market at 950 Broadway has cut back its hours in anticipation of remodeling the space -- and cut out its kitchen altogether.

And that project will not only change the configuration of the area, but what's offered there. The Bistro's kitchen will be removed, replaced with a salad bar and hot bar, so that customers can serve themselves.

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While the renovation schedule is still tentative, the new hours have already been introduced, and the area shuts down at 2 p.m. But while the kitchen is closed, customers are still welcome to grab pre-made food in the market and enjoy it at one of the tables.

And even once the kitchen is gone, Tony's pizza oven will remain in place, so made-to-order pies may still be available in the future.

Call the shop at 720-880-4501 for more updates.

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Tony's Market

950 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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How doesn't it sound good for the location? They probably are going with what their customers are asking for.  I never saw people packing into the sit down restaurant, probably has to do with the glut of other great sit down/ fast casual restaurants in the area... But it would sure be nice to have a hot bar/ salad bar to take food back to the office or to home.  It is simply a business adapting to the area, just as Tony's has done plenty of other times.  Great comment though.


Tony's it great! Look for OliVaylle Olive Nectar there.

Vicki Constan
Vicki Constan

hum... doesn't sound good for this location.. always enjoyed the one on south broadway in littleton

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