Reader: Uber Sausage brings fast casual to LoHi

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Coming soon to LoHi: We never sausage a thing!

Sweet! Although LoHi has lost Living the Sweet Life, that space at 1535 Central Street won't be empty long. Über Sausage is taking it over, and will open a second spot -- twice as big as the original on Colfax -- this spring. "I love this neighborhood, I love the restaurants over there and there's just such great synergy, and I think we can add to that positive synergy," says co-owner Marco Macchiaro.

The news got a warm welcome -- laced with a little irony.

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Says David:

Where are all the commentors who were angry two days ago when we said there is a need for fast casual in LoHi? You mad now?

Not Mantonat, who's looking forward to the new addition to the neighborhood.

One of life's simplest pleasures is an Über Sausage double Swiss with a maß of Prost dunkel. Nice to know I'll be able to grab a sandwich and walk over to the brewery, even if the Über truck isn't there that day.

What do you think of Über Sausage coming to LoHi? What else does the neighborhood need?

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Uber Sausage

2730 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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We had a fire mitigation guy come to our place in the mountains who suggested that "species diversity" was the best path for long term forest health. Having some sausage joint next to Masterpiece Deli would seem to be at odds with this advice. I'm guessing that Masterpiece is the Ponderosa Pine in this fight, and that Über Tuber is the Lodgepole, or, beetle-kill.


We need at least one, if not two Chipotles


@david.m.roth Chipotle?! We need some giant multi-nationals up in this bitch. Yum brands here we come!


@thespot84 Mountain Dew and Orange Juice!  Kinda reminds me of Sunny D and Rum... YUM YUM

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