A second Uber Sausage will open in early spring in LoHi

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Lori Midson

Late last week, we broke the news that Living the Sweet Life, a bakery in LoHi, had shuttered, but the space already has new occupants, namely a cartel of sausage slingers -- they who own the Über Sausage, a diminutive frankfurter house on East Colfax that opened in 2011 across from East High School. And now there's two.

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"We started looking at locations late last summer," says Marco Macchiaroli, who shares ownership in the sausage hut with Alex Gschwend, Brad Arguello and Henry DeMatteis. And this particular location -- 1535 Central Street -- he adds, which is right next door to Masterpiece Deli, was ideal. "I love this neighborhood, I love the restaurants over there and there's just such great synergy, and I think we can add to that positive synergy," says Macchiarol, who began lease negotiations with Sweet Life owner Erica Cunha, in November of last year. "Erica just had a baby and wasn't sure which direction she wanted to go in terms of the restaurant, so she called me, we talked and here we are."

The two-level, commercial condo space, which is 850-square-feet -- double the size of the original Über Sausage -- will feature, says Macchiaro, a very similar menu, the major difference, its size. "We'll continue to upgrade the menu by adding a few more sandwiches and salads," but for the most part, it'll remain the same," he notes, adding that the most notable changes will be the addition of breakfast and a beer and wine license, neither of which are available at the Colfax store.

"We'll serve breakfast -- sausage sandwiches and waffles -- along with lunch and dinner every day, and we're planning to have a half dozen or so German and Belgian beers, both on tap and by the bottle, to complement the menu," says Macchiaro. "We're super-excited to pair our food with really great beers." In fact, the goal, he adds, is to mimic, as much as possible, a beer garden. "The majority of the tables will be communal wooden tables -- we're huge fans of the that social aspect -- giving people the opportunity to sit down, have a beer and a sausage and get to know each other."

And that community vibe will spill onto the patio, too, where additional tables -- all communal, as well -- will be enclosed by a fence. "We really want our guests to talk and have a good time, and we're hoping that what we build is a neighborhood place that has beer garden appeal," explains Macchiaro, who notes that he and his partners won't do much to the interior, other than some reconfiguring. "It's pretty much a turnkey restaurant, and everything we're doing is cosmetic," he says, noting that they're striving for a "cool, urban, hip look with lots of reclaimed rustic woods."

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Uber Sausage

2730 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Uber Sausage

1535 Central St., Denver, CO

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Mantonat topcommenter

One of life's simplest pleasures is an Über Sausage double Swiss with a maß of Prost dunkel. Nice to know I'll be able to grab a sandwich and walk over to the brewery, even if the Über truck isn't there that day.


Where are all the commentors who were angry two days ago when we said there is a need for fast casual in LoHi? You mad now?


Aw too bad. I was really hoping for some fast food. Too many locally owned businesses in lohi.

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