A second Uber Sausage will open in early spring in LoHi

The acquisition of the space was boosted by a $50,000 business development loan that Über Sausage received from the Denver Office of Economic Development. In 2012, the restaurant was a top ten finalist in the City's Denver's JumpStart Biz Plan Program, a contest offered through the Denver Office of Economic Development, which honors small businesses that show innovation, sound business strategies and growth potential. "We didn't win the final award, but Paul Washington, who's the executive director, has been a loyal customer and advocate of ours for as long as we've been open on Colfax, and I think he truly believes in us," says Macchiaro. So much so, that Über Sausage was given $50,000 to invest in the business and employ new staff. "It's a big deal on a lot of levels, and a great endorsement of our concept -- that moral support is so important, and they've been nothing but generous," acknowledges Macchiaro, who will hire two new employees as part of the City's generosity.

When Über Sausage opens -- the target date is March 1 -- it'll also cater, once summer kicks in, to a late-night crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. "The plan is to stay open until 2 a.m. on the weekends during the summer months to catch the after-bar crowd," says Macchiaro, who also reveals that the owners of Über Sausage are negotiating leases on two additional high-volume spaces.

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Uber Sausage

2730 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Uber Sausage

1535 Central St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Mantonat topcommenter

One of life's simplest pleasures is an Über Sausage double Swiss with a maß of Prost dunkel. Nice to know I'll be able to grab a sandwich and walk over to the brewery, even if the Über truck isn't there that day.


Where are all the commentors who were angry two days ago when we said there is a need for fast casual in LoHi? You mad now?


Aw too bad. I was really hoping for some fast food. Too many locally owned businesses in lohi.

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