Video: the Rackhouse Pub gets to know Strange Brewing as trademark dispute continues

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As the Rackhouse Pub gets ready to host the Strange Days Beer Festival this Sunday (also known as Save Our Strange), the trademark dispute between Denver's Strange Brewing and a similarly named homebrew shop in Massachusetts doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. The sold-out fest includes beers from more than thirty Colorado breweries and will raise money to start a legal defense fund for Strange and its owners Tim Myers and John Fletcher. To help promote the fund, the Rackhouse also created the three-minute video (above) profiling Strange, Myers and Rackhouse owner Chris Rippe.

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But on Monday, the Strange Brew Beer and Wine Making Supplies shop in Marlborough, Massachusetts, sent out a newsletter (read it on the next page) promising to brew a sarcastically-named beer this weekend called Strange Daze: Litigation Ale ("One case will make you forget your name," the store promises).

It's one of many shots that the store has taken over the past few weeks at the Colorado microbrewery -- located 2,000 miles away.

Myers says he has seen the newsletter and adds that he and Strange Brew owner Brian Powers have "had some heated conversations" over the phone. My hope is still that we can find middle ground and that it doesn't come to litigation. I'm trying, and I thought we were going to make some progress over the holidays, but nothing came of it."

Myers says he's been taken aback by the support from local craft breweries and their fans over the past few weeks, however, and is looking forward to the fundraiser. If Strange Brewing ends up not needing the money, he'll donate everything that's raised to the nonprofit Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation.

In the meantime, Myers says he may organize an overflow party at Strange Brewing for people who weren't able to get tickets to Save Our Strange at the Rackhouse.

Here's the newsletter sent out by the Strange Brew homebrew shop.

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Fuck these massholes. Give 'em hell, Strange.


Kudos to Rackhouse for this!Hang in there Tim and John! 

You guys should brew up a beer called "Collaboration" LOL! It's a shame those east coast morons are just the stereotypical east coasters. And they wonder why nobody likes them...go figure. 

Stay Strange!

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