Brittany Hill is back in business, and serving brunch this Sunday

Brittany Hill is back in business. The first upscale restaurant to open in Thornton -- a special-occasion place renowned for its view -- closed in 2007, and went through several ownership/management changes as various ventures attempted to resurrect the legendary spot. Now it's reopened as a Crystal Rose event and wedding venue (one of a half-dozen Crystal Rose locations in the metro area), and will reintroduce brunch on Sunday, February 17.

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"Before 2006, Brittany Hill routinely served 600 to 800 Sunday brunches a day," says Jay Byerly, founder of Crystal Rose. "We intent to resume this tradition soon. There isn't a better venue or view in the state -- we believe our experience in the hospitality industry will enable us to restore the location to its former popularity."

After the restaurant closed six years ago, Anaheim, California-based Specialty Restaurants Corporation acquired the property for $2 million. After JoAnne and John Falco attempted -- and failed -- to reopen the place, Specialty regained the property last year. Byerly signed a twelve-year lease with the company in November.

He now plans to serve brunch at Brittany Hill from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday (call 303-451-5151 for reservations). And on Thursday, February 21, the restaurant will host a grand-reopening party from 4 p.m. until close.

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Brittany Hill

9350 Grant St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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It is a great location.

Easy to get to (right off I-25).

Great vista of mountains and downtown Denver (but I think most days Denver is in a brown haze - so nights would offer more romantic views).

The current sign at the entrance off Grant needs a serious upgrade.  It's artistic but hard to read - which makes it pretty much useless. 

I hope they have some sort of web presence - at least something like Facebook (which would be free) or a a basic website (basic FAQ type info; menus and venues, etc).

 I've never been to Brittany Hill - hope they make a go of it while I save up my bucks for brunch.

Cheryl Llewellyn
Cheryl Llewellyn

I used to go there in the 80's and 90's for all my "special" dinners.

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